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July 7, 2018



OVDesigns receives a subsidy for coffee plastic

OVDesigns able to make big steps

After months of hard work, Sia honours OVDesigns a subsidy to continue and speed up the development of the coffee-based polymer they are developing.

 With this subsidy, it is possible to finish the feasibility study and start producing the materials.

“It is beautiful to see that government agencies understand the importance of developing new materials within a circular economy. With this subsidy, it is possible for us to make big steps to a new future.” Olaf Vermeulen.

OVDesigns will continue to develop the Coffee Polymers together with NHL Stenden University Of Applied Science. The knowledge of the polymer electorate from NHL Stenden is really useful in this project. NHL Stenden is the Dutch expert in biobased and biodegradable polymers. With this knowledge, they fill in the missing gap in the development team of OVDesigns.







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